VuVu Network is a production house with Headquarters in Singapore . We have managed to successfully create the perfect combination of children educational videos which also include games, stories, and animated characters to entertain the little ones.

Vuvu understands that in today’s world children learn faster with a tablets on hand than with books . Studies shown that that tablets produce more sensory stimulation in babies. books do not produce as much interest in children because they lack movement.

“The books are static. When children have a book in their hands, the only thing that interests them is the sound of the pages when they pass them; Your visual system is attracted to the movement. That’s why tablets, which have moving images, sound and color, are better for children.”

Psycho-motor development in infancy and early childhood reflects the maturation of the developing brain interacting with environment, this development includes four dimensions, which are checked during each consultation:

– Global motor development

– Fine motor abilities

– Language and social skills

Vuvu Production House together with a long list of Content Creators create on a daily basis content that matches the requirements to develop cognitive , emotional and social skills.